Let the professionals trade and invest for you

Earn as much as 15% per month on your investment without any effort on your end.

You do not have to do anything other than open your investment account, make an investment deposit and monitor your growth. At Crystal Asset we trade and invest for you.

We offer simple investment solutions, with extraordinary results.

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Powerful and regulated investment approach

At Crystal Asset we use artificial intelligence to engage in derivatives trading and also participate as institutional lenders in the inter-bank lending market.

We can beat your bank in a month

With a 8%-10% monthly return on our standard investment account, we will beat your banks 0.05 - 2.25% annual return in a month.

Your investment is safe with us

We use intelligent risk management methods to put capital protection at the forefront of our strategy.

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We ensure sustained capital growth


A flexible option for long term saving

Seasoned investors have known for a long time that alternative investment strategies such as secured lending and derivatives trading, if carried out by professionals with adequate knowledge and experience can offer unbeatable returns.

With complete access to your money at any time combined with potentially high returns, our investment solutions offer a flexible, rewarding and viable long-term investment strategy.


What does it cost?

Unlike asset managers across the board, we do not boggle you down with unnecessary costs. We only charge fees on profits, so we will only charge you money when we make you money. These fees are charged at 0.5% of your monthly profits and are billed before your profits are credited into your investment account.

We believe in complete transparency, so we provide monthly newsletters on our performance and all weekly trade performance can be monitored from your online dashboard. At the start of each year, each active investor receives a personalised report of the previous years investment performance, which are independently audited.

“Eight weeks in a row of consistent profit on my account, that’s 2% per week on average. I am enjoying watching my investment grow and it’s certainly a lot more exciting, than having my money sat in the bank earning me little or no profit.”

Randy Whetstone

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We ensure sustained capital growth