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Discretionary wealth management describes a form of investment management where the client hands over the day to day investment decision making, such as when to trade and what to buy and sell, to a portfolio manager. With a Crystal Asset account, our experienced investment team manages each of your investment accounts according to your chosen account type.

To open an investment account with Crystal Asset you first need to register your details, at which point you will chose an investment account type based on your investment goals and targets. Once you have entered your personal details, investment details and read and confirmed our terms and conditions we will open the account for you. We run automated checks on your identity and you should be able to log into your investment account shortly after registration if the checks go smoothly. You will receive a welcome email once you are registered and verified and you can carry out deposits, withdrawals as well as track your investment performance directly from your online dashboard.

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The monthly projected returns of our standard and dynamic accounts have been derived from our past investment performance. It is very unlikely that any fluctuations will occur below or beyond the returns we have projected.

We only charge you money when we make you money. These charges amount to 0.5% of your monthly profits and are billed before profits are credited into your account daily.

We offer our services to all investors, irrespective of their country of residence.

Tax reporting and handling is your full responsibility, and would depend on the unique circumstances of the investor and the governing tax laws of their country

There is a minimum investment of $1,000 per client.

It should take you no more than 15 minutes to set up your account.

Yes, compounding takes place at the start of each quarter of the year.

No, there is no lock up period, your investment balance can be withdrawn from or topped up at any point in time.

Crystal Asset offers investors the choice between a standard or dynamic investment account. Read more about our investment account types in our offering page.

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You are free to withdraw your money from your Crystal Asset account at any time.
Withdrawal requests are sent directly from your online dashboard, at no charge and a USD 100 minimum withdrawal amount. We process withdrawal requests almost instantaneously.

Our online service provides simplified, restricted advice and as such:

• It does not offer a complete assessment of your overall financial situation and does not consider the suitability of any particular financial goal and associated investment with us in the context of any existing investments that you hold or other financial and life needs that you may have; and

• It does not consider products or services from any provider other than Crystal Asset. You can elect to speak to a qualified Crystal Asset adviser, who can provide you with advice relating to your investments. Advice from a Crystal Asset adviser will also be restricted advice, in that it will not consider products or services available from any provider other than Crystal Asset.

• Crystal Asset does not provide tax or legal advice, and does not advise on pension transfers. If you would like a fuller assessment of your overall financial situation, would like tax or estate planning advice, are unsure as to any aspect of financial, legal and tax in relation to your individual circumstances and requirements, or are unsure about anything relating to our service you should seek independent financial advice.

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Security is a vital aspect of our service and we ensure a high level of security of our website, data centres and to online access to your account. We use two-factor authentication in order to log in to your account and all personal data is encrypted both at rest and when transmitted.

Our data centres are certified for Information Security Management Standards (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and operate with multiple layers of security, virtualised environments and secure encryption. Microsoft, our network host, actively mitigates DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and performs regular penetration testing.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ZA164243) and we will obtain, process, store, use and retain your personal data in accordance with the applicable Data Protection legislation.